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Empower Your Children The Easy Way…And Have Fun Doing It

Empower Your Children

The Easy Way…

And Have Fun Doing It

It’s easier than you think. No expensive apps or courses needed, just the real-life skills that our children deserve to learn.

Download our free guide to 8 easy real-life excursions from the Happy Life School that teach real-life education through gamification. It’s no secret that humans were meant to learn through play. These 8 excursions unlock the magic of empowering our own children.

  • You can do these anywhere (at home or on a trip)
  • No special equipment needed
  • Can easily be done in an afternoon or short time frame

Join the Happy Parent-Happy Child Revolution


Is it often difficult to motivate your children to participate?


Are your children addicted to their devices?


Are you balancing a career and homeschooling?


Are you and your children receiving joy out of the homeschool experience?

Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

These 8 Excursions from
The Happy Life School™
are powerful & effective…without being time-consuming.

The Best Way to Learn Life Skills is in the Play-State

When our children are in a playstate, they are in control, confident, and creative.

They become energized and step into their power

Imagination makes anything possible

They sharpen their independent thinking, critical analysis, and decision making

Their success embodies their self-love and self-empowerment

Hear What the Community is Saying:

We’re creating multi-dimensional adults with street-smarts and purpose through dynamic learning

They’re called “life skills” for a reason – because we’re teaching our children how to create their own happy, healthy, and peaceful life. This can include everything from managing a budget, to taking care of their family, maintaining inner peace, and being good citizens of the world.

These Happy Life excursions challenge the children to solve problems in a fun way – it’s all a game! Who doesn’t love a challenge, a friendly competition, or a fun project to complete to their own satisfaction?

Gamification of life turns the mundane into magic…

Life is full of opportunity and abundance, and teaching our children to find the magic in our everyday lives is the key to unlocking happiness, motivation, gratitude, and self-love.

At The Happy Life School, we create a blueprint for street-smart learning utilizing playstate experiences and gamification. Together, we can raise empowered children with a purpose driven path.

Get the Free Excursions Now

Hi, I’m Lauren Magers, and I’m a working home school parent just like you.

Welcome to the Happy Parent, Happy Child Revolution!

Lauren Magers is a parenting thought leader and pioneer of a revolutionary new category in children’s education/homeschooling called, “Life School.” She is a working home school mom, mother of 4, a successful business leader and creator of the Happy Life System™️.

The Happy Life System™️ is the world’s first gamified Life School platform designed to empower parents and children with the blueprint to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Lauren is leading the Happy Parent, Happy Child Revolution by reinventing how children discover, align with and activate their true purpose and life mission. Imagine how different our world could be if we taught our children how to truly be happy.