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Crack the Parenting Code

Discover how to unlock your parenting genius,

and own your happiness

Are you in control of your parenting or are your kids
taking control of you?

Parenting can be messy, but believe it or not, the secret to successful parenting starts with You!


Crack the Parenting Code

Discover how to unlock your parenting genius,

and own your happiness

Are you in control of your parenting or are your kids
taking control of you?

Parenting can be messy, but believe it or not, the secret to successful parenting starts with YOU!

it’s Lauren


After being lost and frustrated out in this big world searching for the answers, I finally discovered the secrets within me that cracked the parenting code to live a happy fulfilled life with my family.

My mission is to teach you to do the same in your life.

Because if I can do it, I know with my whole heart you can too!

Are you Ready?
Parents are the ultimate role models for children.
Every word, movement, and action has an effect.
No other person or outside force has a greater
influence on a child than the parent.
-Bob Keeshan

What is

Cracking The Parenting Code?

Lauren Magers teaches the simple and effective step-by-step formula of the Happy Life System to unlock your parenting genius and transform your life from chaos to harmony.

Ensuring you will begin to step into your power and own your happiness.

Let’s get real,

Parenting is our greatest responsibility, but how does society prepare us to succeed?

We prepare for tests and marathons but where is the manual that gives us the tools to raise a successful child and be a happy parent at the same time?

This is the proven solution you have been looking for. Are you ready to step up your parenting game and live life on your terms?


Crack the Parenting Code

Lauren Magers
Lauren Magers is a parenting thought leader and pioneer of a revolutionary new category in children’s education called, “Life School.”

Lauren is an expert in family dynamics and personal development, guiding parents, children and families around the globe.
She is a mother of 4, a successful business leader and creator of the Happy Life System™️.

The Happy Life System™️ 8 Pillars to Live an Extraordinary Life is the world’s first gamified platform designed to empower parents and children with the blueprint to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Lauren is leading the Happy Parent, Happy Child Revolution by reinventing how children discover, align with and activate their true purpose and life mission.

I have said

many times..,

No one is going to break family cycles, but you
No one can change your life program, but you
No one can take away the chaos for you

I believe there is a reason we have come together…

I’m here to lead you and teach you
I’m here to inspire you and guide you
I’m here to energize you to crack your code

And most importantly, celebrate you in living your most fulfilled life.

You’re worth it.

Are you willing to bet on yourself?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?
I am living in chaos and I’m not fulfilled.
I have no healthy boundaries and I am exhausted all the time.

I am trying everything and I feel like I’m messing my kids up.

How do I raise responsible and kind children?

Be honest, did you just read these and nod
your head affirming this is me?

You relate. This hit your heart.

Let me give you the peace of mind – you’re not alone.
I hear these statements over and over again. I was there, too.

First let me tell you,

You deserve to live happy.
You deserve to go to sleep at night feeling fulfilled.
You deserve to live empowered and appreciated.

Secondly, IT’S NOT HARD

I know you can do this with my simple guidance.
I have been in your shoes and can help.

The Crack the Parenting Code online
course is the next best thing to being
mentored privately by Lauren Magers

The simple and easy steps that will give you immediate results.

Lifetime access to valuable content that will allow you to step into your
parenting power

Advanced workshop modules with solutions to challenging parenting issues

Customizable systems & structures for you to create happiness in your life and with your family

A toolbox packed with daily proven practices that will bring you and your children immediate results

Learn how to liberate yourself and release old programs and belief systems that are holding you back

Learn the unique Happy Life System language designed to unify your family

Learn the blueprint of how to go from chaos to harmony in your personal life and with your children

Learn how to 10X your life


Your life may be 10X greater than what you believe you can achieve, including your family.

You will have a clear vision and the knowledge to jumpstart the life you deserve and have only been dreaming about

You will open up new spaces in your life to attract and create the happiness you’re worthy of.

Others, like you,

have gone through this and completely transformed their lives with the simple step by step teachings.

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“My husband passed away 5 years ago. Since then I have been in and out of therapy and experienced various forms of treatment. Therapy doesn’t give you a handbook on how to get back to being happy. I needed the now what? Lauren Magers gave me that. I look back and realize this was my opportunity to step into my power, and step forward into getting my happy life back. In just a month under her guidance, my friends and family have noticed a difference in me. Lauren is an amazing mentor, has a wealth of information, and has cracked the code. She has taught me practices to put into play in my everyday life. I am now in full control of my future and have all the tools and support. I am forever grateful to Lauren Magers and her creation of The Happy Life System. I encourage anyone and everyone to join The Happy Life System.”


“I would absolutely recommend this to every person. This is education! You will not learn this in a classroom. We need more of this type of education and growth.”

– Deborah D.

“I would absolutely recommend this to every person. This is education! You will not learn this in a classroom. We need more of this type of education and growth.”

– Deborah D.

“Thank you Lauren for showing us ways to let go and heal things we didn’t even know we needed to! So much love for you!”


“With all this negative self-talk and chaos moving away from me, I feel like I could dance and sing non-stop!”


Do you sit in bed late at night

dreaming you could…

…have a happier family?
…not worry about school?
…make more money?
…not feel stressed and overwhelmed?
…have more time to make healthy decisions?
…accomplish your goals?
…have responsible kids that thrive?
…overcome anxiety and pressure?

…feel supported and connected?
…have more energy to do things you want to do?
…quit yelling, nagging, & micromanaging your kids?
…add more fun to life each day, not only on vacation?
…wake up with a smile, stoked on life?
…deepen your relationship with your family?
…speak from your heart and have inner peace?
If you’re sick and tired of being on the hamster wheel, going through the motions, overwhelmed,
living in dysfunction, and feeling lost…

If you’re ready to create your new life’s program and change the path…

If you’re ready to get out of chaos, stop struggling and create a clear plan forward…

But you don’t know exactly how to do it or where to get started…

You feel like you’ve tried everything…

And are thinking about the changes you need to make…

This is a confirmation…

It’s time to take action.


Let’s move you out of the old programming that is keeping you stuck, confined, and unfulfilled. It’s time to liberate you into a new way of being, thinking, and creating.

Within this course, I will equip you with the tools to activate your power and ignite your inner magic (yes, I said magic… It is waiting to be unleashed and I will show you how).

You’ve arrived. I created this just for you!

Are you the type of person who can’t wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts?

I’ve got you covered.

Here a peek inside the treasure chest of this course.

11 interactive visual presentations by Lauren Magers

Exclusive Crack The Code Parenting Journal to overcome roadblocks and celebrating your wins

Customized affirmations by Lauren to inspire you along the way with each teaching

Exclusive Digital Level Up Practices & Worksheets that go with each teaching

Assignments that will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone

A library of videos and resources to deepen your knowledge

And special gifts created by Lauren exclusively for this course to remind you of your beauty and brilliance


Customized musical playlist for each teaching and exclusive Happy Life System Music ($497 Value)

Customized Habit Checklist Scorecards ($97 Value)
Customized Opportunity Playing Cards ($97 Value)

Lauren’s Happy Life System™ Recipes ($97 Value)

Lauren’s Happy Life Affirmation Cards ($97 Value)



Section 1:

Welcome to Crack the Parenting Code
  • Learn the intention setting practice to create successful outcomes you desire in your life 
  • Learn the 4 characteristics that will change your life today
  • Learn the Psychology and Science Of Motivation and Happiness and how this plays a pivotal role in your life 
  • Learn  the principles of cracking the parenting code to 10X your life 

02 & 03

Sections 2 & 3:
Open The Door To A New You
  • Discover how you contribute to continuing cycles  that don’t serve you and how to stop them
  • Discover  the principles of how to be your authentic self while parenting
  • Discover how to take charge and master your emotions and feelings without power struggles


Section 4:

Becoming the New You
  • Read the comprehensive guide to liberate you to create a happy life
  • Read daily practices that will that will effectively increase you and your family’s connection
  • Read proven living principles that begin to activate your parenting power

05 & 06

Sections 5 & 6:

Shifting Life From Mundane To Magic
  • Learn the strategies of how to move out of chaos and into peace
  • Learn how to implement a structure that allows you to be non-reactive 
  • Learn the revolutionary language that takes you from struggle to harmony 


Section 7:

Transforming Your Parenting Magic
  • Learn the powerful language that will create a pathway to your family’s success 
  • Review the tools to guide you in living a positive life 
  • Understand the strategies of how to create playstate to increase family fun

08, 09, & 10

Sections 8, 9 & 10:

The Happy Life Formula
  • Discover how to empower and motivate children in becoming the leaders of their own life
  • Gather the secrets of why kids are unmotivated and how to change that 
  • Understand how to unlock a new way of living to create an extraordinary life 


Section 11:

Start To Play Your Happy Life Game
  • Unpack your happy life starter kit and begin to play today
  • Review the game plan for long-term parenting success

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Deborah D

Crack The Parenting Code online course was created at a low cost to give all parents access to this successful learning path that has